Within the framework of the continuous cooperation between PUA’s Faculty of Engineering and the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (KTH), the Computer Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, in collaboration with KTH, organized an online lecture via video conference. This lecture was delivered by Prof. Johan Karlander, from the Theoretical Computer Science Department, KTH.


The lecture was entitled “Game Theory” and explained the theory and philosophy of games in the computer world. It also showed how to design these games by explaining 5 different types of gaming philosophy. and how to manage and design each of these types using real-world examples.


Further, the lecture was attended by Prof. Dr. Magdy Abdel Azim, Head of the Computer Engineering Department, Eng. Sahar Magdy, and Eng. Karim Suleiman, teacher assistants in the Computer Engineering Department. In addition, a number of third year students in the department were present in the lecture due to the relativity of the content of the lecture to a number of their courses.