The Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation welcomed the Cultural Advisor of the Embassy of Spain in Egypt, H. E. Ambassador of Peru, and the Consul General of the Embassy of Peru. This meeting comes in continuation of the activities of the Ibero-American Conference and launching the activities proposed to promote the Spanish Language at the Faculty.


This event was supervised by Prof. Dr. Sahar Hammouda, Dean of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation, and Prof. Dr. Hala Awad, Head of the Spanish Language Department. Further, it was organized by T. A. Rania Refaat, Faculty’s International Relations Coordinator, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mennatallah Gowayed, PUA’s International Relations Director.


The cultural Advisor kindly made a presentation on Spain, common features between Egypt and Spain, and landmarks of Arab and Islamic reign remaining in Spain. In addition, the students of the Spanish Language Department played a video about the Spanish Language, how to learn it, and why Egyptian students should learn it.


On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, President of PUA, welcomed the Ambassador of Peru and the delegation of the Embassy, and gifted PUA’s shield to the Ambassador. After that, the Ambassador and his accompanying delegation headed to the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation where they met the students of the Spanish Language Department.


There, the Ambassador gave a brief speech on the Spanish language, its origin, its significance, and the proper way to strengthen its learning. He also talked about Peru, its status, and its maintenance of its national identity.


The students, however; gave a presentation to the Ambassador about of Peru, highlighting the most significant Peruvian monuments, customs and traditions. The Cultural Advisor and the Ambassador praised the linguistic skills of the students,  expressed their admiration for their presentations, and their proficiency in the Spanish language.