In a new bid to expand international partnerships, and in recognition of the significance of scientific research and its role in the development of nations, PUA’s Faculty of Pharmacy honorably welcomed a delegation from Freie Universitat Berlin.


The visit began with an orientation session showing the Faculty’s material and human capabilities, as well as its study programs, postgraduate programs, and scholarships offered to its students, faculty members, and teaching assistants. In addition to the scientific research and patents obtained by the faculty members. After that, the German delegation began presenting their study systems to both students and graduates, and highlighted many of their latest scientific researches.


In addition, the German delegation was taken on a tour to the Faculty’s research laboratories, such as the Nanotechnology Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Research Complex, Drug Control Laboratories, and Industrial Pharmacy Lab (IPL). The delegation also visited the student laboratories in the various academic departments, as well as computer laboratories with all of its various simulation programs for scientific experiments.


The members of the German delegation expressed their pleasure and appreciation for the visit, material and human resources seen, various scientific capabilities, and fields of research of the Faculty.