Field Visit to Alexandria Workshop Center (AWSC)

The Décor Department, Faculty of Arts and Design organized a field visit to Alexandria Workshop Center (AWSC) in Muharram Bey, for the 2nd year Décor students. This visit came within the requirements of the technical work details course, code D363. Is supervised by the course professors, Dr. Doaa Serageldin, Lecturer, Décor Department, and Dr. Suha Sami, Lecturer, Décor Department.

The students were received by the workshop officials, who took them on a tour to the Center’s carpentry workshops to learn about the types of equipment, devices, steps and stages used in furniture manufacturing.

Further, the students participated in some stages of execution and assembly of pieces of furniture as a practical application of what they had studied in the course. Then, the visit was concluded with a tour to other workshops, including printing, sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, and arabesque workshops. In addition to a visit to the products exhibition attached to the workshops.