Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yahya Ashour, Dean of PUA’s Faculty of Dentistry, with the department heads, vice-deans, and quality unit director. The objective of this meeting was to follow up on the educational process, review the latest updates of departments, and prepare for the mid-term exams for the spring semester, AY 2023-2024. During this meeting, numerous points were tackled such as the mid-semester exams, following exam paper instructions to cut down paper consumption in line with the goals of sustainable development and environmental preservation.

They also considered developing a mechanism for collecting opinion polls in academic courses and lecturers. It was also made clear that these polls must be uploading to Blackboard platform as well as all other platforms, and motivate students to fill such polls.

Moreover, the faculty members were urged to finish uploading their CVs to PUA’s website, discuss course blue-prints, and compile course files for the spring semester. At the end of the meeting, the Dean urged each department to monitor the students’ compliance with infection control instructions inside the clinics.