The Faculty of Mass Communication organized a lecture entitled “Confronting and Anticipating Rumors”. The lecture was delivered by Air Staff Gen. Dr. Hisham Al-Halabi, Councilor to Nasser Higher Military Academy and member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs. It was held under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, PUA’s President, and Prof. Dr. Huwaida Mustafa, Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication.


The lecture tackled the most important ways to confront rumors, by anticipating the reasons for their spread and responding to them. this aims at achieving protection and stability, and raising awareness among students as part of society, especially since Mass Communication’s students have opinions and influence. Gen. Hisham also explained the difference between psychological operations and psychological warfare that intelligence agencies use to launch attacks within countries’ systems.


Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Huwaida, commended the significance of the lecture’s content, and emphasized the importance of raising students’ awareness of how to confront and anticipate rumors. By the end of the lecture that seen a large attendance of students, Gen. Hisham received numerous questions about the subject of the lecture, and was concluded by honoring him for his efforts.


The lecture, however; was organized by Dr. Noha Al-Asdoudi, Lecturer, and Prof. Muhammad Mostafa, teaching assistant, Public Relations and Marketing Communications Department.