Under the auspices of Prof. Hana Yassen, the Dean of the faculty of Arts and Design, a workshop entitled “Candles as Theater Supplements” was organized on Tuesday, 3 March 2020 in room (B-429). The workshop was delivered by Dr. Ragia Adel, a Lecturer at the Décor Department. The workshop addressed many topics:

  • Types of wax, its stores and the materials used in candle wax manufacturing.
  • An introduction about the types of dies used in casting and discharging of plastics, metals or paperboard.
  • Explain the types of additives and the most important essential oils used in the manufacture of long-life decorative candles and aromatic candles.
  • A demonstration of how to color by mixing or adding other materials such as dried flowers or colored granules.
  • Explain the process of candles recycling.