In light of the interest of PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, and under the directives of the Dean, the Faculty organized an awareness lecture presented by the Anti-Violence Team. This lecture aimed to familiarize students with the different forms of violence, causes, and effects. The Anti-Violence Team was headed by Dr. Heba Abdel Hamid, a Lecturer in the Electrical Engineering Department, along with members from various departments, with Dr. Abu Bakr Sarhan, a Lecturer at the Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations, contributing as a member of the legal consulting team.

The lecture focused on raising awareness about the various types of violence that can occur within academic and social settings. The team emphasized the importance of recognizing and addressing these issues to foster an academic community characterized by psychological peace and an educational environment free of violence in all its forms. By providing this valuable information, the Faculty of Engineering aims to contribute to the overall well-being of its students and promote a safe and supportive campus atmosphere.