PUA’s Faculty of Mass Communication Arts organized a field visit to the Egyptian Media Production City in Cairo (EMPC). This visit falls within the Faculty interest in informing students about the media production process, latest technologies and equipment used in making films and television programs. The trip aims to provide students with a realistic practical experience that helps to link the theoretical information they receive in class with practical applications in the field of media and communication.


The trip included a comprehensive tour through EMPC’s various modern media studios and facilities. Further, the students had the chance to communicate with directors, producers, and media professionals, and exchanged experiences and knowledge with them. In addition, students participated in practical workshops on the production process and design of television programs.


After the trip concluded, the students expressed their pleasure and satisfaction with this unique experience. They indicated that the trip added great value to their education; as they exchanged valuable knowledge with media experts and professionals. Moreover, they recognized the Faculty’s efforts in providing exciting and beneficial educational opportunities.