The Digital Publishing Division at PUA’s Faculty of Mass Communication organized a field visit to Cairo 24 and Mobtada websites. During this visit, the students had live experiences in the field of digital journalism. They also watched a live broadcast of some political and sports programs from Cairo Live.

Furthermore, they reviewed the multimedia section, production of digital content for posting on social media platforms, and the role of artificial intelligence in generating automated news, in addition to the various sections of the site.

The students continued their tour until they reached the Mobtada website, and lived the journey of the electronic news. The journey which starts with the reporter, and how it is reviewed in the editorial hall, all the way to the editorial secretary for publication and upload the news to the website. They also examined the role of the website coordinator in organizing the work. After that, the students watched the editing unit which is used for editing videos, producing infographics and videographs, and banners where the most important files are published.