The Electrical Engineering Department, in cooperation with the Department’s Student Activities Committee, organized a field visit to El Sewedy Electric Co. for cables and Transformers, in the 10th of Ramadan City.


The field visit included a visit to Iskraemeco Egypt, a subsidiary of El Sewedy Electric specialized in manufacturing meters, and Egytech Cables (El Sewedy), which is specialized in manufacturing electrical cables and transformers. The visiting delegation included students of the Department’s Power and Control programs.


The visit was welcomed with a warm reception by the factory management. The visit, in turn, was reflected on the students during their tours inside the factories, where they linked the industrial environment with the topics they studied in the academic courses.


It is worth noting that the students actively participated by asking questions while watching the practical implementation of industrial security operations, occupational safety and health, manufacturing processes and technology used. In addition to production lines and the application of quality rules in factories and linking them to useful applications in various fields such as how cables are designed, manufactured, and used in the transmission of electrical energy. As well as how to design, manufacture, and use electrical transformers in the transmission and distribution phases of the power grid.


Keeping pace with the labor market, practical implementation, and industry is a goal that the Faculty’s Electrical Engineering Department is always keen to achieve. This is in implementation of a planned policy that PUA is keen to implement, follow up, and underscore.