PUA’s Faculty of Languages and Translation organized the second international conference entitled “Brave New Humanities: Empowerment in Language and Literature, Translation and Teaching of Foreign Languages”. This is in partnership with Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and with the contribution of the Fulbright Egypt. The conference was attended by a group of Egyptian and foreign professors, deans, faculty members, school teachers and teaching assistants from various universities in Egypt, as well as from other colleges worldwide.

It is worth noting that many researchers from Egypt, Ghana, Ireland, the United States of America and Algeria participated in the conference. These researchers presented their research to the attendees in their fields of specialization in linguistics, literature, translation studies, and language teaching. This was seen as a bid to give benefit from their academic expertise and excellence in scientific research.

Furthermore, among its keynotes, the conference tackled the idea of a project that helps the visually-impaired to read completely unhindered. This was a significant topic as it would give PUA’s Faculty of Languages and Translation the chance to acquire a leading role in empowering the disabled.

In the closing session of the two-day conference, PUA honored the Alexandrian writers Mr. Ibrahim Abdul Majeed and Prof. Dr. Reem Bassiouny, who are regarded among the most prominent novelists win the Arab world. Both writers have won numerous literary awards for their outstanding literary output.

Moreover, the Faculty looks forward to holding more similar conferences that would give it precedence in all different fields of scientific research and teaching EFL. In return, this would enable it to always keep pace with development and achieve success.