Electrical Engineering’s Scientific Day

PUA’s Faculty of Engineering recently hosted the annual Scientific Day for the Electrical Engineering Department, drawing the participation of department heads, faculty members, teaching assistants, and students. The event commenced with reciting verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a comprehensive presentation showcasing the department’s achievements throughout the academic year. Notable milestones included the development of laboratory facilities, organization of scientific seminars featuring industry experts, and participation in international and local competitions, resulting in numerous accolades and financial support. Additionally, collaborative agreements with international companies were finalized, underscoring the department’s global engagement.

Following the presentations, the Dean delivered an address commending the department’s performance and expressing satisfaction with students’ achievements. Eng. Sarah Fahmy from PUA’s Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center delivered a lecture on freelance opportunities, while Eng. Ihab Al-Najjar, founder of MOT-GEN, discussed strategies for navigating the labor market challenges. Concurrently, a trivia quiz was held for attending students.

Furthermore, and in recognition of outstanding contributions, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdel Rahman, former department head, was honored, alongside Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Gammal, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yousry, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, and Prof. Dr. Amr Al-Zawawi for their significant efforts in elevating graduate standards. Additionally, supervisors of graduation projects achieving international recognition were commended, along with top-performing students in both extracurricular activities and the cultural competition. The day concluded with a group photograph to commemorate the occasion.