Under the auspices of the Student Activities Department, the Computer Engineering Department, at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, organized a welcoming party for its freshman students. The ceremony began with an opening speech by Prof. Dr. Magdy Abdel Azeem, Head of the Computer Engineering Department, where he welcomed the new students to join the family of the Department.



Furthermore, the students held a discussion expressing their expectations from the Department and the dreams they seek to achieve during 4 years of studying computer engineering. In addition, they were introduced to the ACM – Student Chapter, and the significance of joining such student branches. This impact positively reflects on the student’s skills, personality, and creativity during his academic years.


Students also exchanged ideas about their desire to utilize the Department in learning some of the technological trends currently recent in the labor market. Additionally, they were encouraged to invest their time in self-education, and not to be depend solely on the academic courses for developing and sharpening their skills. Especially that computer engineering is one of the most rapidly developing and changing fields based on the changing needs of users. Which in return affects the labor market and startups.


Moreover, a discussion took place about entrepreneurship, and creating a private business, as computer engineering is one of the most prevalent fields of entrepreneurship in the current local labor market. The students also displayed some examples of successful startups in the local market.