The Academic Advising Committee, in cooperation and coordination with the Student Activities Committee of the Basic Sciences Department, and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, organized an orientation session for the freshman students.


This session tackled the Blackboard platform and Power Campus program. It was held in the Faculty of Engineering building within the framework of the Basic Sciences Department’s plan to support its freshman students for the academic year 2022/2023.


Further, it was delivered by T. A. Ahmed Saeed, Basic Sciences Department, in the presence of the freshman students of the Basic Sciences Department, faculty members, and the teaching assistants.


The session introduced the students to the platform, and showed them how to use it. The platform can be used in various tasks such as following up with the academic material for each course, uploading assignments, and attending exams.


It also familiarized the students with Power Campus program, showing its significance. The program enables the students to follow up with the various activities of their registered courses, grades of year’s work, and register their courses. All this under the supervision and follow-up of their academic advisor.


At the end of the session, all questions and inquiries posed by the students were answered.