In the light of the cooperation PUA and TU Dublin, Ireland, PUA’s Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences welcomed a delegation of TU Dublin. This visit aimed to follow-up the mutual program between the two universities and deliver numerous lectures to the students of the Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences. PUA welcomed Dr. Cormac McMahan, Professor at TU Dublin, Ireland, who delivered a lecture on recent trends in sustainability entitled “Education Suitability Development Embedding Suitability in The Curriculum


Moreover, Dr. McMahan delivered a special lecture at the Faculty of Engineering on the occasion of its annual job fair and the scientific day. This lecture shed light on the importance of integrating sustainability and sustainable development goals into the educational process. It also highlighted its importance in the development of education, and how often it’s mentioned in the course content.


In addition, he visited the Architectural Engineering Department, where he checked the drawing rooms, laboratories, library, and international visits hall. He also learned about some of the major projects in which the Department participated, both internationally and locally. Furthermore, he viewed the students’ projects, especially graduation projects, and expressed his great pleasure with this visit, wishing for more joint cooperation in the future.