PUA’s Pharmacy Students Train at AXPH

PUA relentlessly seeks to provide various training opportunities to its students in various specializations, and to coordinate with various community institutions. Accordingly, PUA has provided field training at Alexandria Co. for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries (AXPH), which is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Egypt. AXPH has production lines for various solid pharmaceutical products (tablets and capsules), liquids (syrups and suspensions), and semi-solid products (such as ointments and creams).

In addition, it has production lines for distinct preparations that are not found in many other companies, such as dental carpule production lines, medical plaster lines, gauze, medical patches, and gloves. Accordingly, numerous pharmacy students had an internship at AXPH, and completed their training successfully, within the framework of fruitful cooperation between PUA and AXPH.

During their training, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, Acting Vice President for Environmental Development and Community Service Affairs, visited the students. In addition, he received them again at PUA, where he awarded the training’s certificates of completion to the students, who truly gave an honorable image of the university.