PUA Celebrates Orphan’s Day

Within the framework of its keenness on social integration, and within the framework of the annual tradition that it seeks to maintain, PUA has decided to celebrate the Orphan’s Day. It has been settled to hold it earlier than the annual usual date, which is on the first Friday of April. Noting that this date coincides with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan.

The organizations scheduled to participate in the celebration include the Al-Qala’a Society for Community Development, Tariq Al-Khair Society for Community Development, Ras Al-Tin Charitable Society, “Al-Ain Al-Jaria Association, Naba’a Al Hob Charitable Society, Al-Istiqrar Charitable Society, and Wokla’a Al Khair Society for Development.

Further, the event will include folklore and magician sketches. As well as, various game, activities, health and nutritional awareness seminars. In addition, gifts, meals and clothes will be distributed to the children, along with taking a group photo.

The program will begin with breakfast, entertainment sketches, Friday prayer break, artistic sketches, face paintings, followed by a lunch break. At the end, gifts and clothes will be distributed.