Pharos Communication Students Visits EMPC


PUA’s Faculty of Mass Communication organized a field visit to the Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) for 120 junior students as part of the field training activities for the academic year 2022/2023. Prof. Dr. Ramadan Abu Al-Ela, explained that this type of field visit aims to familiarize the students with the media professional practice environment, and to communicate with media key figures. In addition to opening effective channels of communication with these institutions to benefit the Faculty’s students and graduates.

Further, Prof. Dr. Howaida Mostafa, Dean, said that the Faculty is interested in student field visits to prominent sites, centers, institutions and companies. These visits are also considered one of the effective means in the process of qualifying students to engage in practical life after their graduation. The Faculty also provides other qualification programs that include courses, workshops and field training for students.

In addition, this field visit included a field tour of the open filming areas for drama and cinematic works, such as the Islamic, Pharaonic, and Alexandria Quarters. In addition to virtual reality studios, control rooms, and the main control room, through which students learned how to broadcasts are transmitted from channels to the satellite (Nile-Sat).

After that, the students went to the largest sound studio in the city, through which they learned how to record songs, music, and sound effects for Egyptian and Arabic films and TV series. Noting that this is the largest studio in and most sophisticated studio in the Arab world.