The Student Activities Department held the annual celebration of the Orphans’ Day on Friday 14/4/2017. Pharos University hosted about 250 orphans from four charities: Nabaa El-Hob, Mojeeb El-Saaleen, El-Estqrar and Kafalet El-Yateem. About 150 students, some faculty members and staff members engaged in the celebration as well. The celebration was launched by a parade of the orphaned children at the university playgrounds, followed by magic and puppet shows. Then, an entertaining show for El-Noba Band was displayed afterwards. The orphans were also highly amused by the face painting that the students of the faculty of Arts and Design carried out for their pleasure. The students of the faculty of Languages and Translation also participated in the day’s activities to bring pleasure for the orphans. By the end of the day, the orphans had lunch and received gifts and toys from the attendance. The day was under the supervision of Prof. Ramadan Abu El-Ala, the Vice President of Community Service & Environment Development Affairs.