Within the framework of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Pharos University’s interest in enhancing the skills and knowledge of its students and preparing them for competition and excellence in the labor market, 9 students of the Faculty of Tourism Department succeeded in obtaining a digital certificate from the European Union Erasmus+ for Virtual Exchange, after training that lasted for 6 weeks and completing all program requirements, assessment and evaluation.

The participation of these students in the program came as part of the scientific and research activities that they carried out during curriculum entitled: Tourism Destination Marketing in the fall semester 2020/2021, under the supervision of Dr.Tamer el Sawy and Mrs. Passent Chahine who are certified and accredited EU badge as virtual lecturers for Erasmus + virtual exchange projects and activities. It is worth noting that Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange is a pioneering program at a time when challenges related to mobility from one country to another are increasing, and aims to enable young people from European and Mediterranean countries to interact with each other in a constructive and cross-cultural manner as part of their formal and non-formal education. It provides a secure online virtual platform to engage in discussions, raise awareness by promoting critical thinking, encourage intercultural dialogue, and build 21st century skills using technology.

The college administration congratulates the following distinguished students, wishing them continued success and excellence:

  • Reem Medhat
  • Sherouk Yousry
  • Rwan Fakhar El Dine
  • Youmna Nasr
  • Habiba Mahmoud
  • Adham Watheq
  • Taghareed Aiman
  • Mariam Abdel Nasser
  • Menna Alla Ahmed