Meeting of the Field Training Center Committee at PUA

The central committee of the Field Training Center convened a meeting on Tuesday 25/06/2019. The meeting was headed by Prof. Ramadan Abu Elelah- the Vice President of the University for Community Services and Environment Development Affairs. This was held in the presence of the Executive Director and the Heads of the Field Training units at PUA faculties. This meeting discussed the results of the field training plan for the academic year 2018/2019 which was approved by Prof. Mahmoud Mohy Eldeen- the President of the University in terms of the Field Training Center plan was discussed for the number of students who have received training during this year and the students’ distribution to the external training organization according to the chances that were provided by the center or the students themselves. The meeting also selected the external supervisors and PUA Academic Staff Members who will follow up the training process. The meeting assured that the students’ training should be done through the work of organization and the Field Training measures that were done through the field training according to the university regulation.