PUA’s Faculty of Mass Communication held the annual marathon for the graduation projects of the Faculty’s students in its various departments. This marathon represents a starting point for new media professionals in the field of journalism and audiovisual media. Various professors and media experts attended the marathon.

Prof. Dr. Howaida Mostafa said that the discussion process of the projects submitted by students of various departments took one day. Further, this discussion included a variety of projects, executed and directed by students during the academic year, television reports, documentaries, radio programs, and newsletters.

The projects of the Journalism and Digital Publishing Department were co-evaluated by a group of the most prominent writers, editors-in-chief, journalism professors. While the projects of the Radio and Television Department were co-evaluated by the elite group of directors, TV presenters and hosts. Similarly, the projects of the Public Relations and Marketing Communications were co-evaluated by distinguished group of public relations professors and digital media experts.

Throughout the day, the evaluators praised the students’ graduation projects, and expressed their admiration for their ideas and the students’ outstanding performance and good presentation skills.

However, in her speech, the Dean confirmed that a great effort is being exerted in the Faculty in all its majors. She also stressed that the presence of media professionals and specialists to discuss students’ projects enriches the students’ thinking with numerous creations, and contributes to giving them new experiences.

Furthermore, Mr. Majdi Abu Amira, the well-known director, praised the students’ work and the distinguished level of their work. He also praised the subject matters of graduation projects, which not only serve as student graduation projects but also serve the community in many fields.