Evaluating 3rd and 4th Year Students’ Field Training

PUA’s Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management conducted a final evaluation of the field practical training courses for third and fourth year students of the Tourism and Hotel Management Departments for Summer 2022-2023. The students’ presentation was a crucial part of this assessment, as it reflected their ingenuity and skills acquired during the training period. The evaluation committees were composed of faculty members as well as key experts in the tourism and hospitality industry, who praised the students’ ability to apply their theoretical knowledge and handle real business challenges.

This event is also seen as a continuation of the fruitful journey of cooperation between the Faculty and industry partners in the tourism and hospitality sectors, as both parties seek to provide a high-level educational and training experience for our students. Further, this cooperation enhances the delivery of our educational programs in line with real labor market needs, and gives students the opportunity to develop skills and competencies.