Calling All Passionate Teachers who are still looking for the CELTA course that is right for them

Are you eager to explore both the world of online and face-to-face teaching at the same time in one course?
Did you know that there are three ways to take your CELTA course? One of which will qualify you to teach both F2F and online?
It is the Blended CELTA

Join this incredible journey and unlock a world of endless possibilities.

It is happening Only at EG211 CELTA Center at Pharos University! You will experience taking a CELTA course that includes a mixture of both Face-to-Face and Online

Discover the Power of Online Teaching and Embrace the Magic of Face-to-Face Teaching- BOTH in one course

EG211 CELTA Center at Pharos University in Alexandria offers for the first time in Egypt: a Blended CELTA course which is a mix of face-to-face and online

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To learn more about the course and to secure your spot, reach out to us or via WhatsApp at 002033877347 / 00201558357937