The Construction Engineering and Management Department organized a seminar on how to improve the durability of concrete using crystalline insulation. Eng. Amr Saad, Chairman of Xypex Egypt, delivered a lecture on concrete insulation and its types, especially crystalline waterproofing. Further, Eng. Saad explained the theory of insulation using crystalline insulation in the presence of numerous faculty members, teaching assistants, and third and fourth level students.

The seminar also tackled the advantages of insulation and protecting concrete slabs and foundations using this method, which achieves continuous durability as aspired in Egypt Vision 2030. After that, examples of huge projects that used this method outside Egypt, and many national projects, such as the Grand Egyptian Museum, Suez Canal tunnels, Metro, Rod Al-Farag Bridge, etc. were shown. Furthermore, these materials were also used to insulate the foundations in the Sawary project to resist the site’s salinity.