The Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations, in cooperation with the Faculty of Physical Therapy, held a symposium entitled “The Role of Forensic Medicine in Achieving Criminal Justice” on Tuesday, 17 December 2019 at the Student Theatre. The symposium started by discussing the legal aspect of the forensic medicine cases; a point that was addressed by Prof. Hamam Zahran, the Dean of the Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations; Dr. Alaa Abd Rabou, a Lecturer at the Criminal Law Department and Mr. Ahmed Shaltwoot, the Vice President of the Court of Cassation. Then, Prof. Maha Ghanem who is specialized in Forensic Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Alexandria Universiy spoke about the significant role of forensic medicine in guiding public prosecutors, lawyers and the system of criminal justice to solve crimes and achieve justice. She also discussed many legal cases that she was involved in, due to the nature of her profession. The coordination of this symposium was managed by Mr. Abou Bakr Sarhan, an assistant lecturer in the Code of Procedure and Dr. Rania, a Lecturer in Physical Therapy. By the end of the symposium, Prof. Hamam Zahran gave the university plaque to Prof. Maha Ghanem and Mr. Ahmed Shaltwoot. The symposium was attended by members of a large number of judicial institutions, the council of the Lawyers’ Syndicate, prominent lawyers, faculty members, teaching assistants, the faculty undergraduates and alumni.