Under the auspices of Prof. Ezzat Hassan, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology and Prof. Mervat Othman, the Vice-Dean and the Head of the faculty Science Committee, a campaign was organized to raise the awareness of the faculty students about vitamin (D) deficiency on Tuesday, 10 March 2020. The organization of this campaign was managed under the supervision of Dr. Hanan El Gamal, an Assistant Professor in the Nutrition and Food Safety Department, Dr. Nadia Fouad, a Lecturer in the Medical Laboratory Department and a number of teaching assistants.

The campaign shed light on the importance of vitamin (D), its nutritional sources, the causes of its deficiency and deficiency tests. During the campaign, food and drinks rich with vitamin (D) were distributed. A large number of third-year students of the Nutrition and Food Safety Department and the fourth-year students from the Medical Laboratory Department participated in the coordination of the day.