The Community Service and Environmental Development Committee at PUA’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology held an awareness seminar entitled “Quitting Smoking and Addiction Risks” The seminar aimed to raise societal and student awareness of the dangers of smoking, change misconceptions, and encourage people to quit smoking.

The seminar was conducted by the senior students of the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety Technology. They prepared scientific posters showing the gravity of the health, environmental, and economic damages caused by smoking. In addition to its relationship to atherosclerosis, heart disease, and others.

Furthermore, PUA’s Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development stressed the significance of this seminar, and spoke about the dangers resulting from smoking and how to quit it.

At the end of the seminar, leaflets showing how to quit smoking were distributed to all attendees, and some souvenir photos were taken. The seminar was attended by numerous faculty members and teaching assistants from all different Faculty departments