In cooperation with The Japan Foundation at PUA, The Faculty of Arts and Design organized a workshop on “Paper Recycling and Environmental Preservation, and Origami”. The workshop activities began with an introductory seminar on the significance of waste recycling for a clean, sustainable environment.

Further, the seminar showed how to utilize waste in interior design in a contemporary and innovative manner using different methods and techniques. In cooperation with the Japan Foundation, which is located in PUA’s Faculty of Languages and Translation, and Dr. Rania Raouf, the International Relations Coordinator at the Faculty of Art and Design, a workshop was organized on the rules and basics of the Japanese art of origami.

This aims at producing three-dimensional figures from paper without the use of glue or scissors. This was met with great interaction of a large number of students in the workshop. They made many models related to Japanese customs and traditions such as samurai helmets and cranes, using washi paper.

Furthermore, T. A. Nada Shaheen, and T. A. Hadeer Hilal, from the Décor Department also participated in the workshop. The workshop, however; was presented by Dr. Aya Fathy, lecturer in Décor Department and Head of the Faculty’s Student Activities, along with and Dr. Nada Hossam Kamel, lecturer in the Décor Department.