The faculty of Languages and Translation held an orientation session for freshmen on Monday, 16 September 2019. At the beginning of the orientation session, Prof. Leyla Kamel, the Dean of the faculty of Languages and Translation welcomed freshmen then Prof. Sahar Hamoda, the Head of the English Language Department introduced the department to the students and informed them of what makes it different. This was followed by the word of Prof. Nadia Touba, the Head of the English Language Teaching Division where she talked about the division. Moreover, the heads of the Spanish Language, the French Language, the Turkish Language and the Chinese Language departments introduced their departments and its distinguishing features to the students. On her part, Dr. Hoda Salem talked about the role of academic advising in the faculty, last but not least, Dr. Silvia Elias acquainted the students with the importance of the Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center (CDEC). The students were also apprised of the roles of student activities at the faculty and the Community Service and Field Training Center.