First Meeting of the 6th Year Training Unit

PUA’s Faculty of Pharmacy is always striving for the best, and aspires to put its graduates among the best graduates at the level of all pharmacy faculties. It ensures they acquire them competitive abilities in all fields of pharmacy. Accordingly, the Faculty’s Pharmacists Training Unit Committee held a meeting to determine the necessary preparations for training students of 6th year of the two programs (Pharm D and Pharm D Clinical) 2024-2025.

The Committee reviewed the various aspects of training, which include 1400 training hours, divided into 6 training courses, each lasting for one and a half. Further, it includes three compulsory courses and three elective courses. This training includes also pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, and other various training venues. This aims to sharpen the skills of graduates, and enable them to face all the challenges of the labor market.