PUA’s Faculty of Pharmacy is distinguished with possessing a Scientific Research Ethics Committee. This committee is accredited by the Egyptian Network of Research Ethics Committees (ENREC) and affiliated to the Middle East Research Ethics Training Initiative (MERETI).


This committee seeks to assist faculty researchers in publishing their papers in the most prestigious international journals. In order to accept the research by the Scientific Research Ethics Committee, many of these journals require a serial number from the institution where the research was conducted. It is a prerequisite for publication in many international scientific journals.


Further, one of the tasks of the committee is to study what is referred to it to study the methodology proposed by the research team in accordance with the standards of scientific research ethics. Also, to establish by-laws for animal research and ethics in parallel with the internationally applied rules. The proposed methodology can be then given or not in terms of ethical approval. Further, the committee raises the awareness of the ethics of biomedical research.