PUA’s Faculty of Pharmacy recently convened a workshop under the banner of “Pharmacogenomics in the Era of Personalized Medicine,” coinciding with the 4th PUA International Pharmacy Conference. Distinguished speakers included Prof. Dr. Ahmed Wahid, Head of the Biochemistry Department at Alexandria University’s Faculty of Pharmacy; Dr. Heba Metwally, Biochemistry Lecturer at the same institution; and Dr. Mohamed Nagy, Director of Pharmacy at 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital. Also contributing were Dr. Yasmine Shaheen, Lecturer at the Microbiology and Immunology Department, PUA, Dr. Nardin Zarif, Director of Clinical Pharmacy at Anfushi Children’s Hospital; and Dr. Marina Antonius, PhD holder in Cancer Biology from Alexandria University’s Faculty of Science.

The workshop delved into the forefront of pharmaceutical sciences, focusing on personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics. A practical segment on bioinformatics and its real-world applications rounded off the event. Attendees, comprising faculty members, teaching assistants, and students in their 4th and 5th years of study, actively engaged with the workshop, posing numerous questions and engaging in discussions.