The Renowned Publicist Mohamed Said Mahfouz in a Visit to the Faculty of Mass Communication


The Faculty of Mass Communication organized a seminar on “Mass Media”  on Tuesday 9/4/2019 where the keynote speaker was the renowned publicist Mohamed Said Mahfouz. The seminar presenters were Prof. Fawzy Abd Elghani, the Faculty Dean and Dr. Ragaa El-Ghamrawy, the Head of the Radio and Television Department. This was held in the presence of faculty members and teaching assistants.

At the beginning of the seminar, Dr. Mohamed Said Mahfouz talked about his success story and his ascending in the professional hierarchy; from a small editor in Al-Ahram to one of the top media personnel as well as his mobility between different types of media work. He also talked about his job as a presenter at cultural channels, then at BBC Radio and BBC TV.  Dr. Mohamed Said Mahfouz also worked in documentary films industry and got Master’s and PhD degrees after winning a scholarship from a British university.

In addition, he covered the difficulties that he encountered during his work and the people who opened the door for him to work at the media field; the eminent journalists Moustafa Amin and Said Sonbol who was behind his appointment in Al-Ahram.

The students of the faculty of Mass Communication attended this seminar and effectively interacted with Dr. Mohamed Said Mahfouz and asked him a lot of questions, including where to start, how to work in media field, the opportunities available in Alexandria for students of media and whether graduating from Alexandria University was an obstacle in his way. At the end of the seminar, Dr. Mohamed Said Mahfouz commended the faculty of Mass Communication, its facilities and the exceptional educational standards of the faculty students. It is worth mentioning that he was keen to take Toqa Ahmed to work in his team because she graduated from the faculty of Mass and Communication – class 2015.