The Faculty of Engineering Organized Workshops on Sustainability

The faculty of Engineering organized two workshops on sustainability on 15-16 July 2019. The Petrochemical Engineering Department held a two-day workshop entitled “Sustainability and its Application in the Petrochemical Engineering Department” which was delivered by Prof. Noha Saied and Prof. Marwa Abd El-Fattah. The Basic Sciences Department also held a workshop entitled “Fostering Sustainability Concepts in Basic Engineering Sciences” on Tuesday, 16 July 2019. The workshop was delivered by Dr. Alaa Khalil and Dr. Mostafa El-Khatib. The workshops covered the concept of sustainability, its fundamentals, aspects, goals and methods applied at universities to assess sustainability. The workshops’ trainers also suggested adding subjects related to sustainability to the curriculum. The workshops were attended by Prof. Mohamed Naiem, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Education and Student Affairs, number of faculty members, teaching assistants and students from the two departments.