The Faculty of Arts and Design Organized Two Field Trips to El Anfoushi

Under the auspices of Prof. Hana Yassen, the Dean of the faculty of Arts and Design, the faculty organized two field trips to El-Anfoushi neighbourhood in Alexandria for the third-year students of the Painting Department on April 8 and 15, 2019. In the first trip, the students were taken on tour to introduce them to the geometric perspective in reality and how to correct the color perspective and study the light in different times of day. This trip was supervised by Prof. Ashraf Zaki, the Head of the Graphics Department and Eng. Salma Farag, a Demonstrator in the Graphics Department. Meanwhile, the second trip aimed to produce photos that are composed of all types of lines and have the golden ratio and proper focal length. This trip was supervised by Dr. Shaimaa Khodeer, a Lecturer in the Graphics Department and Ms. Samar Baiomy, an Assistant Lecturer in the Media Arts Department.