PUA Students Paid a Visit to the Leadership Development Institute

Prof. Tayah Abd Ellattif- a Consultant for the Minister of Higher Education and the Supervisor of the Leadership Development Institute in Helwan received a delegation of Pharos University on Monday morning the 8th of July 2019. The delegation was headed by Prof. Ramadan Abu Elelah- the Vice President of the University for Community Services and Environment Development Affairs who paid this visit in company with 50 students from all faculties. The delegation was a part of the seventeenth regiment of the Leadership Development Institute; in the framework of institute program of receiving the youth of the Egyptian Universities. The visit of the delegation lasts for four days during which the meetings were organized between the students and officials in concerns. During the visit the students also engaged in sports, cultural and social activities and the initiative presented on the part of the students were discussed as well. This was held in the framework of the strategy of the Higher Education Ministry for capitalizing on the student activities to raise the spirit of belonging and the patriotism awareness among the students.