Post-Graduation Preparations and Labor Market Challenges

A multitude of students hailing from PUA’s Faculty of Dentistry recently congregated to strategize on post-graduation readiness, tackling the intricacies of the labor market, and enhancing their proficiencies in private sector employment. Dr. Mohamed Shawky, esteemed member of the Alexandria Medical Syndicate, delivered a comprehensive presentation elucidating the diverse expectations and operational protocols governing the licensing and administration of private clinics.

Furthermore, Dr. Shawky engaged with students, addressing their inquiries regarding the array of postgraduate studies available across different specializations. This facet, recognized as an imperative and pressing requisite within the labor market, serves as a cornerstone for achieving excellence and securing employment opportunities within the private sector. Additionally, Dr. Shawky pledged to convene subsequent sessions to further refine students’ competencies in clinic management, optimize resource utilization, and navigate the intricate landscape of obtaining essential licenses.