The faculty of Arts and Design gave a lecture in the orientation day that was held by Pharos University to introduce the newly enrolled students to the PUA faculties. This was held on Thursday, 4 July 2019.

The lecture included a presentation of the five departments of the faculty:

  • Décor Department (Interior Design Program, Expressive Arts Program: Design for Theater, Cinema and Television).
  • Graphics Department (Graphic Design Program, Illustration Program).
  • Media Arts Department (Digital Media Program, Animation and Video Film Program).
  • Painting Department (Drawing and Painting Program, Mural Design Program).
  • Fashion Design Department.

This lecture also introduced the secondary school students to the specialized programs of each department which the student can enroll for, after finishing his /her first year. From the third year (the sixth semester), the student chooses one specialized program in the department they have enrolled for. The secondary school students were also acquainted with other abundant information, among them were the following:

  • The duration of study is five years.
  •  The faculty accepts students from the Scientific division (science/ mathematics) and the Literary division of the secondary education as well as graduates of other equivalent certificates.
  • Students should undergo a capability test (a prerequisite for acceptance).
  • At the end of his/her studies, the student will receive a degree certificate accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities, equivalent to the bachelor degree conferred by the faculty of Fine Arts in the public universities.

The work fields available for the student after completing his/her studies, the way they are qualified for the requirements of the labor market as well as the rules and regulations for studying applied in the faculty and university.