Drama Directing Workshop

The faculty of Mass Communication holds a three-day workshop on “Drama Directing” from 21 to 23 April 2018. The workshop is given by the renowned drama director/Magdi Abu Emeria who is widely considered as a drama directing icon and a winner of the State Recognition Award for Arts. Magdi Abu Emeria’s filmography includes the following:

  • Almal wa Albanon (Greed Doesn’t Pay)
  • Al Doaa Al Shared (The Deviating Light)
  • Goha Al Masry (Folk Tales of the Egyptian Goha)
  • Yatrba fi Azou (Slaphappy)
  • Al Ragol Al Akhar (The Other Man)
  • Al Haqiqa wa Al Sarab (Between Illusion and Reality)
  • Mahmoud Al Masry
  • Ayn Qalbi (My Heart Went Astray)
  • Malak Rohi (Captured My Heart and Soul)
  • Al Twam (Twins)
  • Qalb Maeet (Undaunted)
  • Al Sirah Al Hilaliyyah (The Hilali Epic)

Those interested for attending the workshop are required to firstly head to the vouchers-issuance office at the faculty of Engineering to pay for the workshop’ tuition fees. Certificates of attendance are distributed among the trainees by the end of the workshop.

For more information, please contact PUA Media Training Centre.