An Announcement for the Allied Medical Students

In response to rumors recently circulating about the faculty of Allied Medical Sciences and the status of its students and alumni, the administration of Pharos University intends to explain the current situation of the faculty through underlining the following points:
1. No prejudice is caused for the faculty’s currently enrolled students as they have given unchanging legal status that entitles them to have the job title of “Specialist” on graduation, in addition to receiving an Allied Medical Sciences BSc (with specializations). This law is applicable till the graduation of all students who are enrolled in the faculty of Allied Medical Sciences before any amendments made to the faculty’s name or specializations.

2. By the orders of the Ministry of Higher Education, registration in the faculty is temporarily suspended (except for the Medical Equipment Department) till the committee assigned by the Ministry of Higher Education settles this running legal dispute. This situation will not affect the current legal status of the faculty’s currently enrolled students.