Prof. Mahmoud Mohy Eldeen- the President of the university, Prof. Ramadan Abu Elelah- the Vice President of the university and Prof. Hesham Elshemy- the Head of the student activities of the university received a high-level delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education, scientific research and the sports federation for universities that was included:
Prof. Tayah Abd Elatif- the Consultant of the Minister of Higher Education and the General Supervisor of leadership Development Institution, Prof. Mohamed Sobhy Hasanen- the Vice President of sports federation for universities. Prof. Eman Abd Elatif Kotb- a Professor at faculty of Physical Education for Girls in Alexandria participated in this event. The visit was included the recognition of all Pharos University’s academic and student activities and some models of the outstanding international protocols. The delegation members visited the sports areas at the university including the open playgrounds, changing room and the student’s theatre. The delegation expressed their admiration and appreciation for the exerted efforts and they agreed on implementing common activities under the supervision of Pharos University.