A Delegation of the Petrochemical Engineering Department in a Field Trip to Estyrenics

On Wednesday, 12 December 2018, the Petrochemical Engineering Department organized a field trip for the mid-senior year students to the Egyptian Styrene and Polystyrene Production Company (Estyrenics)– Al Dekhela. This was a practical application of the course of “Chemical Reaction and Industrial Catalysis- P333″. During the trip, Dr. Akram Mahmoud, the Manager of the Occupational Safety and Health Department in Estyrenics, gave the delegation a synopsis of the kinds of dangers could be encountered and how to deal with it and answered all the students’ enquiries in this regard. Then, the PUA students were escorted around the company’s factory to see the styrene polymerization reactors. This was held under the auspices of Prof. Mohamed Gaber Abou Ali, the Dean of the faculty of Engineering and Prof. Mohamed Fahim, the Head of the Petrochemical Engineering Department. The coordination of the trip was managed by Associate Prof. Marwa Abdelfattah, the course lecturer