The mission of Pharos University is to provide qualitative higher educational opportunities that would enable students to develop advanced knowledge and skills, provide leadership and service to their communities, and improve the productivity of their organizations through the integration of practical, educational and research capabilities.


Pharos University aspires to be one of the leading comprehensive universities in the region and across the globe. It strives to meet the needs of the community, cope with the continuing technological development and enhance its students’ educational, professional, research and leadership abilities.


1. Developing the educational process through optimal use of resources.

2.Sustaining a healthy & inclusive campus atmosphere.

3.Enhancing scientific research.

4.Establishing a graduate studies structure which aims at academic excellence & community service.

5.Encouraging students to be become effective community members through instilling national ethical principles.

6.Outsourcing a distinguished teaching staff.

7.Assessing the overall institutional performance regularly & sustaining the follow up of quality assurance.

8.Providing regular training & education for employees & staff members.

9.Promoting cooperation & partnership agreements with local, regional & international universities.

10.Attracting foreign students.

11.Keeping in touch with alumni.

12.Responding actively to job market requirements & social needs

13.Creating a real bond with society.