The Faculty of Languages and Translation convened a workshop entitled “The Use of New Technology for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language through Learning Applied Linguistics Research Methods”, in accordance with the WP3 scheme. The workshop was delivered on 13-18 April 2019, by professors from Trinity College at Dublin University including Prof. Caroline Symth, Prof. Brian Conry, Prof. Daniela Modrescu and Prof. Lorna Carson. The workshop was held within the framework of the scholarships offered by the XCELING Project: Towards Excellence in Applied Linguistics and Innovative Second Language Education in Egypt which is funded by the EU Erasmus + Programme, and under the terms of the agreement signed between Pharos University and Salamanca University. The coordination of the workshop was managed under the supervision of Prof. Leyla Kamel, the Dean of the faculty of Languages and Translation. Certificates of attendance were distributed among 45 participants on the last day of the workshop.


Faculty of Languages and Translation

Teaching English as a Foreign Language