The faculty of Arts and Design held a workshop about “Monotyping” on Tuesday 22 October, 2019. The workshop was delivered by Dr. Shaimaa Khodair, a lecturer at the Graphics Department. The workshop addressed the two following topics:

  • Monotyping

Monotyping is a form of printmaking that can only be made once by transferring ink from a smooth, non-absorbent surface from metal, glass, acrylic or plastic without using the traditional carving tools. The most prominent artists that employed monotyping in their work of arts are the American painter and printmaker Mary Cassatt and the French printmakers Pissarro and Gauguin.

  • Cardboard Relief Printing:

It is a printing method where a printing block or plate that has had ink applied to its surface. This type of printing is moderately priced in comparison with its counterparts. It employs cardboards for printing from a recessed surface like wood, linoleum or copper. Some sand or gravel could be applied over the surface to increase texture and to be transferred to the cardboard but with different proportions. The relief technique is executed by the printing press that is concerned with this type of printing. Dr. Shaimaa Khodair made applications of this printing method during the workshop, in the presence of a large number of the department students.