Large Companies Offered PUA Students Opportunities of Training 

The PUA Training Centre offered an orientation programme for about 300 students from the faculties of Engineering, Arts and Design, Financial and Administrative Sciences and Mass Communication who were going to receive training in a number of large companies. These orientation sessions were held from Sunday 24/6/2018 to Thursday 28/6/2018. Within the framework of implementing the plan set by the PUA Training Centre for the academic year 2017/2018, PUA students have already started training in a number of large companies as indicated below:
– 32 students from the department of Public Relations – the faculty of Mass Communication, underwent training in the Egyptian Petrochemicals Company
– 10 students from the faculty of Engineering had training in the Alexandria Fertilizers Company.
– 4 students from the faculty of Engineering received training at Sidi Kerir Petrochemical Company(SIDPEC).
PUA students attended these training sessions under the supervision of Eng. Sara Alaa, Ms. Amira Bishr, Ms. Hend Al Qosabey, Eng. Fathy Shokry, an assistant Lecturer and Eng. Amr Mamdouh. This was held under the auspices of Prof. Ramadan Abu El-Ala, the Vice President of Community Service and Environment Development Affairs and Prof. Ihsan Nassef, the Executive Director of the PUA Training Centre.