First PUA-Startup Weekend

The Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center (CDEC) organized the first Startup Weekend from 15/3/2018 to 17/3/2018 to target PUA talented senior students from all faculties who have an idea of an emerging project and would like to develop it by means of scientific methods. The weekend activities were held in cooperation with the two entrepreneurship centers in Nile University and Assiut University, along with our partner ICE Alex, the company who offers incubation programs.
The session was inaugurated by Prof. Norhan Fanaky, the Vice President of Education and Students Affairs and Prof. Mohamed Abdel Rahman, the CDEC Chief Executive Officer.
The session was attended by 42 students who were selected through a detailed assessment process by Dr. Noha Alaa, the CDEC Chief operating officer and Eng. Sara Hussein, the CDEC Career Counselor. Four entrepreneurs gave talks to our students to share experience in their startup business and the challenges they encountered. The CDEC started to take immediate steps, right after the forum, towards empowering PUA students to start their business.