Sawari Foundation for Development held a training workshop on personal skills and methods of effective communication for different groups of handicapped individuals (visually-impaired). The workshop took place in PUA’s Faculty of Languages and Translation within the framework of joint cooperation between PUA and Sawari. It aimed at training, qualifying, and preparing the students on effective community activities and community engagement after their graduation. In addition, it seeks to sharpen their skills in dealing with different patterns of all different groups of handicapped individuals in general, and the visually-impaired, in particular.


Accordingly, Sawari Development Foundation, headed by Dr. Haitham Serag Eldin, chose Dr. Shaimaa Serag Eldin, to be the first to attend a series of training workshops that were previously agreed upon. This was suggesteed by Dr. Nihal Hafez, Chairman of the Community and Environment Service Committee. The first training workshop was held in the presence of Sawari’s Media Committee, Mass Action Committee, Youth Committee, and the Training and Rehabilitation Committee.


The workshop lasted for nearly two hours in an atmosphere of effective interaction from the attending students, who confirmed their validity of content presented in the workshop.


Furthermore, Sawari agreed on providing immediate support and assistance to the students in any situation they face while dealing with the target groups of their graduation project with the visually-impaired. Also, a date has been set for completing the workshop series after the mid-semester exams.